Helpful Resources

In my internet travels I have come across various things that have helped me in my artistic journey. I believe in the ideas that “sharing is caring” and “all knowledge is worth having.” As such, I wish to impart all the fun things that I have found to others. I originally created these as a list on my Twitch page, but the list was getting a bit long and cluttered! So I thought I would make a more organized and descriptive collection here!

MISC Tutorials

Explanation of Normals
A 26 minute long, detailed explanation of Normals, how they work, and all the things you need to know about them, in case you didn’t already know.

3D Primer for Game Developers
This is a little overview of 3D development. So if you know literally nothing, this is not a bad place to get an idea of what’s going down in motown.

PBR Bible on Polycount
This gentleman was nice enough to collect information about using and creating with PBR and putting it all into an encyclopaedia we can all use!

Render Hell 2.0
A lot of techincal stuff about game development. I was recommended this site when asking about textures, materials, and game performance.  So go here and learn some shit.

Rodrigo Pixel’s Breakdowns and Tuts
Love this guy. He’s got a lot of really cool stuff. Tips and Tricks on Hard Surface modeling. How he’s done lots of different things. And they’re freaking Free. I personally enjoyed the Warchief’s Fur tutorial.

Gilberto Magno Tutorials
This guy is a BEAST.  Watch his videos. He’s got some sweet stuff.

A guide that will help you if you struggle with Subdivision Modeling.

Art of Seth Thompson
 — Facebook —  Gum Road
Seth Thompson is a really rad artist who works for Blizzard’s Cinematic team. He also did freaking Midgard in Squeenix’s Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie. So he knows his stuff. The stuff on his YT is free. I included his Gumroad here, because he does have at least one free tutorial on there.

Vertex Books
A set of eBooks done by a dude-bro. They got some rad stuff in them. They’re free, too!

Madina Chionidi Breakdown
This is a really neat little thing. Its a breakdown where Madina Chionidi breaks down this one piece of art she did.

I got this from another person’s Twitch. This is the website where this guy (or group of people?) collects their previous streams or sped up videos where they work on some really awesome stuff.

Rigging Tutorials
Recommended in a class I took with Game Art Institute. I’m not much of a rigger, so having this may help me in the future when I decide to rig something.

More Rigging Tutorials
Recommended by a guy I met in Twitch, here’s this. Using Maya LT for Rigging @ OKGD User Group

Comprehensive Character Rig by Autodesk
Given to me by a friend on Twitch, this is Autodesk doing a tutorial series on  how to do a “Comprehensive Character Rig.”

Jamin Shoulet’s Freelancing Price Guide part 1
Also found under the Metric Meditation link elsewhere on this page, this video tutorial is part one in what is supposed to eventually be a series wherein Jamin Shoulet explains how you ought to price your work if you decide to freelance–a topic not often covered in class I found.

Stephane Wootha’s Gumroad
A *FANTASTIC* Concept artist who has reference photos for free and who also has tutorials on how he/she does what he/she does.

Hair Tutorials

Ornatrix Tutorial
By Andrew Krivulya. I don’t know what Ornatrix is, but maybe someone can use this. I will look into it at a later date.

Very Basic Hair Cards Tutorial
This is kinda old. It shows you a way you can just paint hair cards on a head using a plugin. I tried it once with a character but didn’t get the coverage I was looking for. Your choice, though.

Speed Sculpting Hair
Less a tutorial, more just a Speed Sculpt captured and sped up for you to see. I did like the finished result of it, though. I use this a lot when I’m just blocking in hair that I’m going to be using a bunch of hair cards for.

Hair Sculpting w/ James Cain.
A very basic hair sculpting thing in Zbrush.

Creating Realistic Hair for Games.
A *FANTASTIC* tutorial for making some pretty rad hair. I haven’t tried the whole thing all the way through yet, though. But look at her example! AMAZING!

Realistic Hair for UE4
A neat tutorial on how to make some fantastic hair textures used specifically in the Unreal 4 engine, using the photo realistic character shaders provided by Unreal. He learned how to do it via a class that he took on CGMA and is sharing the love.

Polycount Wiki on Hair
This is a very BASIC set of information about hair cards. Although it does have a really cool tutorial on fluffy wool type fuzzies.

Texturing Tutorials

PBR Bible on Polycount
This gentleman was nice enough to collect information about using and creating with PBR and putting it all into an encyclopaedia we can all use!

Dreads with Zbrush’s FiberMesh by Pablander
A tutorial you can use to make sweet Dreads for your character, created by one Pablander.

Quixel’s You Tube
Clearly there for you to learn Quixel.

DDo Beginner Tutorial — Azog
How some one textured Azog with Quixel’s DDo. It’s also linked in the videos up above on Quixel’s YouTube page, but hey… this one is more specific. And cool.

Photoshop Action — Embroidery
This is a Photoshop tutorial on how to create a nice embroidery thing with Photoshop Actions. I put this, of course, in Texture tutorials because you’ll use it on your textures. After creating the embroidery, you can use whatever you want to get the effect you want– Mask by alpha in Zbrush and inflate, use Quixel to paint up the normals, or whatever route you want to take.

Metric Meditation/Jamin Shoulet Texturing Tutorials
Jamin apparently used to work for Blizzard back in the old World of Warcraft days. He was a teacher of mine at the Academy of Art University and a lot of the videos on his YT here are things he taught us in class.

Painting an Anisotropic Flow Map in Photoshop
I have never personally tried this. But it can be *REALLY* helpful if your hair cards are not all turned the same direction in the UVs. Marmoset will do its own Anisotropic direction you can change, but it only really works so long as the hairs are all going up and down.

Painting Skin in Substance Painter 2
By Allegorithmic. Its an hour and something wrong, but you will learn a lot!

Marmoset Tutorials

Marmoset TB2 Character Setup
From the makers of Marmoset, this is a video you can easily find on their own site about how to set up your shaders to deal with skin and hair. They don’t always go into the super details, so you’ll have to futz around, but the part about making the hair a skin shader and adding anisotropic to it is important.

Marmoset 3 Material Blending Shader
A Gumroad wherein you can buy a cool 3-material blended shader for the new Marmoset 3 for $10.

ZBrush Centric Tutorials

Michael Pavlovich Tutorials
This is a link to Michael Pavlovich’s YouTube page. He does lots of tutorials on all kinds of things in Zbrush and even other programs, apparently. He’s got some cool shit.

Double Action Brushes
Less about downloading brushes, more about creating brushes that have dual functions. Sort of like in Photoshop when you can have brushes with two different features.

Making Seam Brushes
By Matias Molero

Multi-Eye Tool Reflection Shader
I think this was for making eyes for display in Zbrush.

Webinars, Talks, Panels, etc

Things that aren’t necessarily classified as “tutorials” but which still have lots of insight to offer about “The Business.”

Marmoset TB2 Character Setup Panel
Although they tell you a lot about what’s going on and highlight features that are available, I find that his is less a tutorial than an overview of what Marmoset has to offer.

Marvelous D Webinar
A webinar starring John Gotch, a Lead Character Artist.

Chit Chat with Glauco Longhi
Apparently Brendan Isiah Bengston got my Art Boo, Glauco Longhi, to sit down with him during one of his Twitch Streams and chit chat. I have yet to see the video.

Uncharted 4 Character Artist Panel
An online multi-chat with several of the Character Artists that worked on Uncharted 4. Including Frank Tzeng.

Gnomon’s Substance Days — Glauco Longhi
Art Boo, Glauco Longhi doing a presentation at Gnomon’s Substance Days.

Zbrush Summit 2016 — Glauco Longhi
Glauco at Zbrush Summit.

Zbrush Summit 2016 — Seth Thompson
A talk about old-school displacement techniques and how they are relevant in today’s workflow.

Zbrush Summit 2016 — Square Enix
Two guys from Squeenix gave an interview and demo about the creation of Glauca’s armor from the new FFXV Kingsglaive movie.

Collection of YT Videos
YouTuber Megan Matros apparently has a whole collection of videos from the Zbrush Summit 2016 as well as various other panels and chit chats.

A really, REALLY good discussion about Paragon
I personally learned a lot about how hair reacts to light that will help me.

This is a collection of Powerpoint stuff, I think, from presentations done at SIGGRAPH 2016. I grabbed this link because the girl from Naughty Dog, Yibing Jiang, posted it as the link to the presentation she was doing during the Zbrush Summit, since she didn’t really have the time to go into everything.  I dunno what other little treats lurk on this page–if any.


Anatomy Pinterest
Recommended by Adam Skutt. Lot’s of good anatomical reference!

Cloth/Fold Pinterest
Recommended by Adam Skutt.

Gentleman’s Emporium
Recommended by Adam Skutt. A store for some old-school, steam-punk like men’s clothing. Lots of cool ideas or potential reference!

Armor Reference – Imgr
Lots of Armor pieces for referenced or inspiration.

Marvelous Designer Pinterest
If you don’t know anything about making patterns for clothes, this has lots of patterns for things you can make in Marvelous Designer!

400+ Free artbooks from MetMuseum
The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a collection of over 400 books that it allows you to download in .pdf form for FREE. I found some catalogs of swords and daggers and stuff which could be pretty neat if I needed reference for them. Also, I love classical art as inspiration.

Brushes, Alphas, Downladables, etc.

Bad King 
Bad King is a site that has a WHOLE BUNCH of resources for Zbrush~! Some of them are free. Some of them they ask you to pay for.

Orb Brushes
These are some REALLY popular brushes. They’re free. I see a lot of people using them on Twitch.

Making Seam Brushes in Zbrush
By Matias Molero. Not downloadable, just a tutorial on how to make them yourself.

Double Action Brushes for Zbrush
Less about downloading brushes, more about creating brushes that have dual functions. Sort of like in Photoshop when you can have brushes with two different features.

Surface Mimic
Lots of hi-def alphas and displacement stuff. These are not free. You can get some things for free, but most of them are paid. They are mostly like Alphas and stuff you can use in Zbrush to drag details like pores on your models. They have a lot more than just human stuff.

Texture XYZ
This guy is HELLA expensive. They have super hi-res displacement stuff for faces and arms and fingers. You can use these to give your characters that realistic pore detail. Also to paint base color for skin texture so you don’t have to do it all yourself. They also have tutorials for using the stuff they offer. They’re great. I love them.

Joost Vanhoutte’s Gumroad
A whole bunch of downloable textures. I dunno the story, but jibronie here has a so many textures and some of them he gives away for free and others he charges for. But you can get a LOT for cheap!

Kyle Brush
These are for Photoshop. This guy has some pretty cool brushes. These are more for artistic endeavors, like digital painting. He has some wicked watercolor brushes that I love.

Digital Doubles Free Downloads
3D Scans! Not everything on this site is free, but the stuff on this page is. They got some interesting stuff if you’re interested in them.

I found this somewhere. I’m not even sure where. I’m not even sure what it does. All I know is that its something you download and use in Maya. I don’t usually render my stuff, but I thought maybe someone could use it

Marmoset 3 Material Blending Shader
A Gumroad wherein you can buy a cool 3-material blended shader for the new Marmoset 3 for $10.

Nick Zuccarello’s Male Basemesh for Zbrush
A Basemesh of a beefy Man for Zbrush. There’s a link for a .ztl download and also several objs at different subdivision levels.

Hard Surface Tutorials

Simon Fuchs on Gumroad
Not Free. But he’s got what looks like really good stuff.

Eyeball Tutorials

I collected a lot of eyeball stuff.

Frank Zoppi Eye Tut
I *LOVE* this tutorial. Its not free. It’s pretty cheap, though. Its like $8. But its amazing.

J.Hill’s Eyeball tutorial
Another eyeball! This time its free!

Multi-Eye Tool Reflection Shader
I think this was for making eyes for display in Zbrush.

CryEngine Manual — Eye Shader
I’ve never actually gone through and read this, but just looking at the pictures helped me in my creation of eyes, eyelashes, tear lines, etc. But I do recommend YOU read it! Haha.

Marvelous D

Marvelous Designer Webinar
With John Gotch.

Marvelous Designer 101
With Seth Nash! It looks really cool.

Marvelous Designer Pinterest
If you don’t know anything about making patterns for clothes, this has lots of patterns for things you can make in Marvelous Designer!

Cool video of a guy making a knot
The video has no audio and is in real-time so you can see everything this guy does to make the shirt for his lady character. The coolest part to me was how he cheated to make the knot at the front.

Unreal 4 Tutorials

Steve’s Tutorials
A set of 36 tutorials that show you how to setup advanced materials in Unreal4. I haven’t seen any of these, so I can’t vouch for how well Steven knows his stuff, but for anyone who’s just starting out, it could be helpful.

Portfolio tips

3 Pillars of Great Game Art Portfolio
An Article on how to create a great Game Art Portfolio by Andrew Johnson

My favorite artists (aka Art Boos)

Rafael Grasetti

I have been following Rafael Grasetti for a while now. I got his tutorials on anatomy from gumroad and I love them.

Glauco Longhi
Artstation — Gumroad — Website

Once I learned who Rafael was, it wasn’t long until I figured out who Glauco was.  I love watching him give talks.

Frank Tzeng
ArtstationGumroad — Facebook

I learned about Frank Tzeng from a Character modeling teacher I had in school. He had me look up a video by him on how to do likeness sculpting. So I ended up on his gumroad and bought all kinds of tutorials.

Adam Skutt
ArtstationGame Art Institute Class — Website

Adam Skutt worked on The Order 1886. I first became aware of him as a person when I found the Game Art Institute class they were doing with him. I took the opportunity immediately and it helped me a *LOT*. I recommend taking it with him. He’s a BAMF.